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Students of CR0WD

May 1, 2023

CR0WD's student participants play a big role in our work through their research and engagement efforts in multiple areas. Penny Crispin and Wyeth Augustine-Marceil, Master of Regional Planning students, share their CR0WD-related research on building material reuse centers and municipal policy.

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Women on the Work Site

April 3, 2023

Mae Bowley, executive director of Re:Purpose Savannah, talks about the women+ workforce development and opportunities offered by deconstruction through her program at Re:Purpose Savannah.

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Baltimore's Deconstruction Ordinance

March 3, 2023

Steph Compton of Energy Justice Network shares her work on creating a deconstruction ordinance in Baltimore, MD. Steph is a zero waste expert, accredited through Zero Waste USA and is a TRUE Advisor. In Baltimore, she's spearheading a local deconstruction ordinance and organizing community events to educate on zero waste policies, programs and infrastructure. 

Jason Koski, Cornell University Relations (2022)

Building Collaboration: A Case Study from Ithaca, NY

February 6, 2023

In Jan 2022, 11 old buildings in Ithaca, NY, were set to be demolished for the Catherine Commons project. However, the Cornell Circular Construction Lab, along with community organizations and the Building Deconstruction Institute convinced the developer to deconstruct one of the buildings instead. This unique project allows for a comparison of demolition and deconstruction processes on similar buildings in the same economic setting.

Benefitting from Building Deconstruction

December 5, 2022

The City of Portland, Oregon, adopted its ground-breaking deconstruction requirement in 2016. What was initially viewed as an experiment has since become a model policy and inspiration for other municipalities in North America. Having overseen the development, implementation, and evolution of Portland’s deconstruction efforts, Shawn Wood will share outcomes and lessons from the past six years.

San Antonio's Path to a Deconstruction Ordinance

November 7, 2022

On September 8, 2022, San Antonio became the largest city in the US to adopt a deconstruction ordinance, and the first major city to develop one administered by a Historic Preservation office. This presentation will highlight how aligning stakeholders in climate action, affordable housing, historic preservation, real estate and development, innovation, workforce training, and public health can affect transformative, place-based policy change.

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