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Projects & Initiatives

Our efforts are directed in four key focus areas

Policy & Practice Recomendations

  • Develop deconstruction policy recommendations for local governments

  • Conduct outreach to NYS elected officials, agencies, and organizations to build awareness and advocate for deconstruction and waste diversion policies

  • Compile a matrix of deconstruction policies and incentives across North America


Credit: Gretchen Worth, Susan Christopherson Center for Community Planning

Screenshot (59).png

Credit: Melody Chen, Just Places Lab

Green Jobs & Skills Creation

  • Identify and, when possible, participate in deconstruction projects that provide training in deconstruction skills

  • Support efforts in workforce development in deconstruction, processing, warehousing, and retailing of materials

Education & Community Engagement

  • Publish articles, book chapters, white papers, op-eds, and letters to the editor  

  • Assist higher education institutions with deconstruction, waste division, and reuse pledges

  • Organize CR0WD Conversations, a monthly speaker series

  • Engage the community and stakeholder groups 

  • Participate in preservation, reuse, deconstruction and other conferences across NYS and beyond

  • Create and curate multimedia public exhibitions

  • Develop CR0WDSource deconstruction guides for various interested parties


Credit: Christine O'Malley, Historic Ithaca

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Screenshot (47)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (46)_edited_edited.jpg

Research & Data Collection/Analysis

  • Engage in data analysis, visualization and mapping of NYS building waste streams, reuse policies, and demolition activities. 

  • Conduct deconstruction and salvage pilot projects

  • Gather detailed information about demolition, salvage and reuse activity and policies

  • Hold focus groups and conduct interviews with stakeholder groups (e.g. contractors, property developers, architects, city officials)

Credit: Damun Jawanrundi, Circular Construction Lab

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